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Importance Of Humor At Work

Humor is a form of wit that emphasizes the comical, absurd, or unusual character of certain aspects of reality. Everyone loves to laugh. This is good for health but also for work. Moreover, it is often there that we need to relax a little. Even if some people are not convinced, humor has many advantages, as long as it is well mastered.

Benefits of humor at work

Humor is a very positive element for the job. To avoid doubting it, let’s take into account the following elements:

  • People who have humor are more enthusiastic than others.
  • Jokes reduce the risk of burnout.
  • The pleasure of work is higher.
  • Humor strengthens team spirit because it eliminates stereotypes and brings people together around common references.
  • Creativity is stimulated and new ideas are born.
  • Health is only better thanks to humor (reduction in hormone production, increase in endorphins, stimulation of the immune system, less disease, faster recovery…).
  • The stress is less important, the management of emotions easier.
  • Time passes quicker.
  • Humor allows us to see things differently, and therefore to solve problems.
  • Blood pressure drops.
  • Well-being is improved.
  • New employees are better and more quickly integrated.
  • Managers are more motivating and their credibility is strengthened.
  • Employees are more productive.
  • An atmosphere of benevolence is developed.
  • Self-confidence is more important.
  • People listen more to people who make them laugh.
  • The relationship between employees is better.
  • It makes it easier to say no more easily.
  • Conflicts can be more easily resolved.
  • Humor makes it easier to get messages across.

Mastering humor at work

Humor can be useful as long as it is well mastered. It is important to use humor in the right way, for example, taking into account the country in which you find yourself (because humor is different according to the cultures), according to the situation, but also according to the interlocutors. It is subjective, therefore not everyone laughs for the same things. Knowing people well is therefore essential, otherwise, we risk finding ourselves in an embarrassing situation. Better to abstain in this case so as not to hurt anyone or fail. At work, it is still better to avoid certain jokes: sexual, racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, salacious …

Self-deprecation is the form of humor that works best. Indeed, this one aiming at laughing at oneself, it makes it possible not to hurt others and shows the capacity to take distance. It also creates a bond of trust.

Humor is very important: many know it

Rigology to help businesses

Rigology is a psycho-body discipline, established in 2002 by Corinne Cosseron, director of the International School of Laughter, whose objective is to stimulate the joy of living and optimism. This is practiced by thousands of rigologists, involved in education, the medico-social sector and businesses. Laughing is beneficial for our body, our psyche and our anxious behaviors. Every day, at least one French company calls on a rigologist .

A humorous audit firm

Serge Grudzinski, a French polytechnician, created a humorous audit firm more than 18 years ago. He decided to include humor in business consulting and founded Humor Consulting Group. The interventions, the “big shared laughs”, are very successful and are organized in companies, in order to improve the motivation of the teams and to facilitate the changes. More than 1000 missions have already been carried out by the team.